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Parenting/Marriage Talks

  • Raising Responsible Children

    In this presentation I look at what Responsibility really entails in the context of our families and in our world in general.  I provide practical tips on how to begin teaching the lessons of responsibility in age appropriate ways at a very young age, how to increase and improve the lessons as the children grow and mature, and how to seamlessly weave the responsibilities at home into those expected at school etc..  We also learn about the numerous benefits of teaching responsibility and how to maintain and stay consistent in the practices we begin with our children.

  • Being a Mom Today with Yesterday’s Values

    There is so much you want to teach your children; Where do you even start?  We will begin by examining the relationship between our priorities, values, and schedules.  Then we will move on to how simple schedule changes can impact the value lessons in our homes.  We will then discuss everyday values and important life skills; and share practical methods for teaching them to our children and maintaining the new habits we create.  

  • Parenting in a Facebook World:  Tips for Managing Technology & Teaching Children to Manage Theirs 

Technology and social media aren’t going anywhere.  So what do we do as parents?  In this presentation we will examine the top social media apps for kids and teens.  We will also look at the range of technology available in our world, and how to practically manage and create “tech free time” in our schedules and that of our children.  We will look at texting and social media, and the implications they have in terms of relationships today.  Specific tips will be provided on how to help our kids communicate effectively, working with and sometimes around the tools available to them.  We will briefly look into the dangers of certain online actions and how to talk to our kids about such things.  Practical strategies are provided for monitoring online communications and social media.  In addition, we will go over positive ways that we as parents can embrace social media, texting and email; and use it to improve communication and bolster our relationships with our children.  

  • Parenting:  Tools, Tips, and Tricks 

 Parenting is NOT easy, but you are NOT alone!  This presentation reminds and reassures people.  First, we look at why         we  should always learn and be intentional in our parenting and then we examine some broad themes of parenting across     the ages.   We move on to discuss how we can best use some common parenting tools and how they can be easily                   integrated  into our daily lives. We close with some cool tricks and some key reminders to take with us on our parenting       journey.  

  • Parenting Power: Our Most Powerful Parenting Tools & How to Use Them 

    Children can be trained!  It’s not easy, but it can be done.  We are first reminded of the importance of replacing comparisons and judgments, with kindness and support for one another as we trek along this journey of parenting.  The talk looks at general tools and themes that can be used and applied to all stages of parenting.  We conclude with the art of using Rewards and Consequences throughout Parenting; and choosing those that are most effective for your specific child.  

  • Being the Woman God Made You to Be & the Mother You Want to Be

    This presentation starts by looking at the Myths and Hurdles of Motherhood.  Then together we look at who we were before kids, who we are now, and who we want to be (with God’s help:).  Finally, we look at specific, practical tips for making changes and growing into the Woman and Mom God wants us to be.

  • What’s Your Tea Bag Made Of?  Handling the Big & Little Stresses of Life

    Life is full of adventures; some easy, some difficult.  To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt;  “A woman is like a tea bag – you don’t know what she is really made of until you put her in hot water.” What is your tea bag made of?  We will look at our strengths and weaknesses and what makes us who we are.  Then we will learn some practical strategies (using our strengths and weaknesses) for handling the big and little stresses of life.  Finally, we will examine the role of community and how we can help each other; while growing and strengthening our own character in the process.

  • Marriage:  Mishaps and Miracles. 

    The best thing anyone ever told me before I got married is: “There will be times (sometimes long periods) that you may not necessarily like your spouse and it’s ok!”   This talk is for couples at all stops on the marriage journey; from newlywed to empty nest and everywhere in between.  We provide an honest look at what it takes to have a lasting marriage.  The presentations looks at common problems and practical tactics to handle them when they do happen; as well as strategies for recognizing and building on the miracles of marriage.

  • Mini Parenting Seminars 

    Practical interactive classes which provide encouragement along with applicable tips that can be used by parents of kids of all ages.  The seminars can be presented as stand alone talks or as part of a Parenting series. The presentations can be tailored to meet the time, and content needs of a specified audience.

    • What Does Responsibility Really Mean and Why Bother?
    • Where Do I Start?  The Early Years
    • Actions Speak Louder Than Words:   Practical Tips on How to Lead by Example.
    • School Age Children:  What can they really do?
    • Teaching Values:  Practical Tips and Powerful Lessons
    • Parenting Tools, Tricks and Tips


Charts and Visuals Shown in Presentations

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Responsibility Chart

Homework-Practice Chart

Value Chart