JB Organizing: Recycling Resources – Donation Ideas and Locations


By Jennifer Barnes

JB Organizing

It is a lot easier to let go of things, when you know the items will be appreciated and used for good.

Here is a resource listing organizations, by state, that work to combat homelessness and child bed poverty.

Check it out! Look for organizations near you and ask them what they can use and how you can help!


General Donations:  Clothing, Toys, and Books (There are many more in the book section below)

  1.   http://www.donationtown.org/ You can go through this site to hook your donations with a local charity.
  2.   Hospitals or Doctor’s Offices (Stuffed Animals and toys especially)
  3.   Police or Fire Departments (Stuffed animals)
  4.   Shelters
  5.   Lake County Haven:  A Haven for Homeless Women and Children  http://lakecountyhaven.org
  6.   Home of the Sparrow
  7.    Little City
  8.   http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/
  9.   Children’s Homes
  10.   Preschools
  11.   Churches
  12. St. Vincent DePaul Society
  13.   Military Families (Contact the Naval Base)
  14.   Cancer Federation
  15. http://www.clothes4souls.org/
  16. Shoes  — http://www.soles4souls.org/about/history.html
  17. Stuffed Animals — http://www.lovinghugs.org/
  18. http://www.nurturingnecessities.org
  19.  Alex’s Lego Locker and Alex Lancaster Memorial Scholarship (I can get the contact information for you if you are interested — they are just now making it a formal “not for profit” and getting formal info together.  


    1.  Books for Soldiers — http://booksforsoldiers.com/donate_to_the_soldiers/  or http://www.operationpaperback.org/
    2. Books for Africa — http://www.booksforafrica.org/books-computers/donate-books.html
    3. Books for Prisoners —  http://booksthroughbars.org/donate/books/  or http://www.bookstoprisoners.net/
    4. Books are sold to support Public Library — http://www.ala.org/united/about/donatebooks
    5. http://www.betterworldbooks.com/go/donatebooks
    6. http://littlefreelibrary.org/
    7. Children’s Hospitals
    8. Local Day Care Centers or Schools
    9. Friend’s of the Library at your local library
    10. Los Angeles based, but books can be shipped. http://www.bookends.org/how-to-donate-books
    11. San Francisco based, but books can be shipped. http://www.childrensbookproject.org/contribute
    12. Homeless Shelters.
    13. Chicago area based. http://berniesbookbank.org/donate-books/

Home Goods:  (i.e. cabinets, doors, furniture, trim and molding, fans, lighting, mattresses etc.)

    1. Habitat for Humanity Restore — http://www.habitat.org/restores/donate-goods
    2. Arizona Based — http://www.stardustbuilding.org/
    3. Goodwill
    4. Salvation Army
    5. Mattresses:  A guide of “How To” and “Where To” https://www.tipsbulletin.com/donate-a-mattress/

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