JB Organizing: Recycling Resources – Donation Ideas and Locations


By Jennifer Barnes

JB Organizing

It is a lot easier to let go of things, when you know the items will be appreciated and used for good.

General Donations:  Clothing, Toys, and Books (There are many more in the book section below)

  1.   http://www.donationtown.org/ You can go through this site to hook your donations with a local charity.
  2.   Hospitals or Doctor’s Offices (Stuffed Animals and toys especially)
  3.   Police or Fire Departments (Stuffed animals)
  4.   Shelters
  5.   Lake County Haven:  A Haven for Homeless Women and Children  http://lakecountyhaven.org
  6.   Home of the Sparrow
  7.    Little City
  8.   http://www.homelessshelterdirectory.org/
  9.   Children’s Homes
  10.   Preschools
  11.   Churches
  12. St. Vincent DePaul Society
  13.   Military Families (Contact the Naval Base)
  14.   Cancer Federation
  15. http://www.clothes4souls.org/
  16. Shoes  — http://www.soles4souls.org/about/history.html
  17. Stuffed Animals — http://www.lovinghugs.org/
  18. http://www.nurturingnecessities.org
  19.  Alex’s Lego Locker and Alex Lancaster Memorial Scholarship (I can get the contact information for you if you are interested — they are just now making it a formal “not for profit” and getting formal info together.  


    1.  Books for Soldiers — http://booksforsoldiers.com/donate_to_the_soldiers/  or http://www.operationpaperback.org/
    2. Books for Africa — http://www.booksforafrica.org/books-computers/donate-books.html
    3. Books for Prisoners —  http://booksthroughbars.org/donate/books/  or http://www.bookstoprisoners.net/
    4. Books are sold to support Public Library — http://www.ala.org/united/about/donatebooks
    5. http://www.betterworldbooks.com/go/donatebooks
    6. http://littlefreelibrary.org/
    7. Children’s Hospitals
    8. Local Day Care Centers or Schools
    9. Friend’s of the Library at your local library
    10. Los Angeles based, but books can be shipped. http://www.bookends.org/how-to-donate-books
    11. San Francisco based, but books can be shipped. http://www.childrensbookproject.org/contribute
    12. Homeless Shelters.
    13. Chicago area based. http://berniesbookbank.org/donate-books/


Home Goods:  (i.e. cabinets, doors, furniture, trim and molding, fans, lighting, mattresses etc.)

    1. Habitat for Humanity Restore — http://www.habitat.org/restores/donate-goods
    2. Arizona Based — http://www.stardustbuilding.org/
    3. Goodwill
    4. Salvation Army
    5. Mattresses:  A guide of “How To” and “Where To” https://www.tipsbulletin.com/donate-a-mattress/

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