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Office/Professional Organization

  • Assistance with de-cluttering the office; including paper and electronic files, storage locations and general office areas.
  • Consultation on the general organization of the office
  • Consultation on paper/file management
  • Online/electronic information management advice and planning
  • Assistance in scheduling employees and general time management practices for staff
  • Considers all individuals involved and the culture of the office when determining the best organizational strategy for the company and space
  • Create a detailed plan  including the organizational goals, process for achieving them and  materials needed (What works for you!)
  • The plan can then be implemented with the help of the consultant or by the client.
  • Provide organizational training when necessary.

“Flat surfaces are invitations to pile!  Stay away from horizontal file holders or organizers, as they just lead to more elevated places to pile.”  (JB Organizing)