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Home Organization:  General and Room Specific

  • Assistance with decluttering the home
  • Consultation on the general organization of the home
  • Consultation and assistance organizing a specific space (i.e. kids’ rooms, home office, basement, garage etc.)
  • Assistance in developing and implementing new organizational systems and processes; for yourself, your family, or your business.
  • Assistance unpacking and organizing in a new home situation.
  • Assistance decluttering and packing in preparation for a move.
  • Assistance managing and organizing spaces of individuals with Hording tendencies or disabilities.
  • Regardless of need, we create a detailed plan  including the organizational goals, process for achieving them and  materials needed (What works for you!)
  • The plan can then be implemented with the help of the consultant or by the client


“I tend to work myself out of a job, because I would rather get to know the client and figure out what works best for them in the long run and teach them how to do it themselves, instead of doing it on my own.  I can make any area look great, but if it doesn’t fit the personality of the family/individual that is using it, it won’t stick!  I want them to be able to take what I have taught them and do the next organizing project themselves.”  (JB Organizing)