We Are Not Alone! (I found this reflection I wrote after a particularly bad night in 2014 — It definitely still applies today and every day!!)

We are Not Alone. After a  really bad (challenging) evening last night on the home front, I was listening to the news this morning and heard a story that struck me. A Mother and Father were on TV pleading for any information on the disappearance of their 21 year old, senior in college, son.  They

JB Organizing: Mother’s Day Tribute Series – As My Mom used to say

JB Organizing’s: Mother’s Day Tribute Series. “As My Mom Always Said….Quotes from Mom….” Here are some fun quotes from Mom (actually many Moms 🙂 See if you remember any of these! Please share your favorite “Mom quotes” below. Thank you “Moms” for all your advice!#jborganizing #jborganizingmothersdaytributes#jborganizingmomquotes “ Do Your Best” “All you can do is