JB Organizing: Moments of Disorder

Moments of Disorder There are many Moments of Disorder in my life!  One of the comments that I hear most often from people is, “Your house must be sooo neat, because you are a Professional Organizer!”  My response is most assuredly no! I clarify by explaining two things: First, I remind them that being organized

JB Organizing: Recycling Resources. Where and How can you recycle your old cell phones?

JB Organizing:  Recycling Resources. Cell Phone Recycling You do NOT want your old cell phones to end up in a landfill.  They can leak harmful chemicals into the environment and never disappear!!  Instead here are some options for disposing of your old cell phones; many of which help others in the process!   First, get

JB Organizing: Moments

Moments in life teach us a lot. Moments when shared remind us that we are not alone. Moments remind us what’s important. Moments humble us. Moments lift us up. Moments give us hope. Moments make us sad. Moments are just that…. Moments in time.  Fleeting in nature, but often everlasting in affect. I have had